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2019 Subscriptions

Important notice to 2019 subscribers

Subscribers (with email addresses) for the 2019 season can collect their tickets from the secure Subscriber area after they receive their secret key.

Keys were emailed to all 2019 subscribers with email addresses on Wed Mar 13. If you have not received yours, go to the Subscriber area and enter the email address that I use to communicate with you - you should receive it again in an email. Check your spam box if you don't receive it.

Subscribers with no email addresses and those who elected to receive their tickets via NZ Post were mailed paper copies of those tickets on Friday Mar 15.

Any further questions Contact Matt, the subscriptions coordinator.

Subscriptions for the 2019 season are now closed.

Sunday, 7 April, 5pm, Town Hall, Bach B Minor Mass (excerpts)
Sunday, 26 May, 5pm, Town Hall, Beethoven and Perkins
Sunday, 29 September, 5pm, Town Hall, Hummel and Mendelssohn
Sunday, 1 December, 5pm, Town Hall, Vivaldi, Bach, Dvořák

  • $239/$199 for Adult/Senior tickets
  • Save up to $101
  • Avoid queues at the door
  • Receive free entry to the after-concert function for concert 4
  • Select where you would like to sit

Subscriber Seat Selection (Town Hall concerts)

For the Town Hall concerts, some people like to sit in the Stalls, some in the Circle. In the Stalls, some people like to sit close to the Stage, while others feel the sound is better further down the hall. We're pleased to be able to allow subscribers to decide where they want to sit in the Town Hall.

Subscribers are invited to examine the seating chart of the Town Hall and select at least the general area in which they would like to sit: For example, please select either the Stalls (main floor) or the Circle. If you have already submitted a subscription request, just email us to let us know if you have a seating preference. We will try to honour your selection as closely as possible.

We think that the best seats are

  • Stalls - Rows A-N, seats 14-17 and 18-21 (4 seats on either side of the aisle). Remember that in front of row A there are usually four other rows which are not considered the "Premium" seats, since they are so close to the stage. Thus row A is generally the 5th row.
  • Circle - Section D
  • Circle - Row J

We are holding these seats for subscribers until a few weeks before the first concert, and we will place subscribers in one of these places unless you request somewhere else.

Stalls (click to enlarge):

Circle (click to enlarge):

Balcony The balcony is not available for any of our concerts.


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